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Adding an new lore to the database

Bringing your community's lore, wiki or whatever documentation your community call it into Community Lores helps keep the documentations in one place (you can keep your MediaWiki/Wiki.js/Google Docs/Notion-based documentation site up and use Community Lores as an backup in case of maintanenace).

If you don't want to convert everything into Markdown and build your lore site with SSGs, skip to Option 2.

What you need

  • Either your community wiki exists within the last 3 months or your community needs a wiki. If your wiki is newer than 3 months, please wait for up to 3 months before you apply. If you moving your docs/lore into us, you need to export everything into Markdown. (If you prefer to redirect users instead, skip to Option 2 section.)
  • Only active community wikis will be accepted Dormat community wikis are instead go to` website. Inactive/dormat community wikis or docs are only goes to the archives repo if these don't receive any edits/contributions (atleadt 20) within the last 6 months. (Doesn't apply on redirects)
  • You agree to our terms of service and code of conduct. Please read it ahead of time. Here's the links for these:
  • You may also need to get your community verified. See for details on how to get verified. If you follow either option 1 or 2 without being verified, we'll handle this step for you, other than asking some questions.

Option 1: Convert into Markdown and change domains.

Exporting your content

Create an new repo using this template. It has Mkdocs and Material theme included with Gitpod configuration, Contributor Convenant CLI for listing bot code and non-code contributors and a few management scripts for you to get started.

Use automation tools to convert vendor-locked-in format into Markdown or write Markdown files manually. For some use cases, the Material for Mkdocs has provided great documentation for these cases:

Using Material Insider for Mkdocs


If commited, GitHub will automatically revoke the offending PAT for security reasons. In case that happen, you may need to follow GitHub's guidance and revoke any leaked keys.

Since this involves rewriting the Git history, you MUST notify your fellow collaborators and any contributors that have any PRs to rebase after you force-push to prevent any hassle. While PRs and forks can still have these leaked secrets, you SHOULD contact GitHub Support to premenently remove these cached views and references.

In order to use Material for Mkdocs Insider, you should be Martin Donath's patron on GitHub Sponsors.

You should be on the $10/month tier to use the Insiders edition. And if you forked it, GitHub will delete private forks once Martin removed your collaborator access to the Insiders repo once your sponsorship is not renewed.

  1. Generate an new GitHub PAT with the repo scope.
  2. Save the new PAT in an safe place, like your password manager. We'll need it soon.
  3. As part of your request, find and tick the following on your issue:
    • I'm currently sponsoring @squidfunk and want ti use the Material fof Mkdocs Insiders theme instead of the public version.
    • I'm generated my own GitHub PAT for specific use cases (using the Insider edition of Mkdocs Material theme).

Choosing the right subfomain

By default, every community docs hosted on the Community-Lores GitHub organization has its own Netlify project on community-lores Netlify org, and its own subdomain on based on repo name.

If you choose to go to the custom domain path, let us know in the project homepage's issue tracker so we can set it and send you the instructions.

When you told us to configure custom domains, CNAME records should point to the following domain, where petsofnetlify is your repo name in GitHub:

If you prefer, you can switch to GitHub Pages (or other static page hosting service) on your liking and configure custom domains yourself (your will still be there, unless you asked us to transfer the Netlify site to you as part of transferring the repo out of the GitHub org).

Option 2: Redirect to your existing site

If you prefer to keep your existing domain and do an redirect instead, let us know in the issue tracker and we'll handle the rest for you.